Ray’s Got Plenty To Smile About!

Ray gets his shop vouchers prior to us trouncing Lincoln 2-2

It always feels good to get summat for nowt and that’s why Ray Parkinson is looking so chuffed. Without so much as lifting a finger, Ray – one of the Wham’s most identifiable characters – had just been handed a voucher worth £40, to be spent in the OASSC shop in Accy Market Hall.

You see, it’s another perk of being in the supporters club. Every month, we put all our members names into a hat, (metaphorically speaking). Then we pick a winner and in November, it was Ray.

So, if you know a fan who’s not a member, will you do us all a favour and forward him or her this e-mail? Better yet, if you know where you can get more value for your £5 note out there, let us know. Until then, we’ll be telling whoever will listen that joining OASSC is this best fiver’s worth in the world, ever, so there.

Just sayin’.

You can sign up HERE

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