Hats Off To Ossy Joggers!

One of our season ticket holders, Mark Brennan, is heavily involved in a community running group, called Ossy Joggers, that’s just made a generous donation to OASSC

‘Every year we do an event to raise money for local charities and community projects’, Mark said. ‘During November, our members pledged to run a certain number of miles and made a donation.  Our ‘November Charity Challenge’ raised £500.00 and we  decided to donate £125 to OASSC.’

And so it came to pass that on  Wednesday 19 December at 7:30pm, OASSC Chair Peter Leatham joined the Joggers at their Christmas drink in the Vault in Oswaldtwistle to collect a cheque and to thank them for their ‘wonderful gesture’.

‘The reasons for the donation to OASSC is due to the way ASFC already engage with the community and also as a small ‘thank you’ to Dan (Bowerbank) and David (Burgess) for allowing Ossy Joggers to use the carpark, for our recent Friday evening meetings’, Mark said. ‘ Not to mention the fact that  Andy (Holt), through Wham, has been a important Ossy Joggers sponsor.’

Ossy Joggers
Peter with Ossy Joggers’ Group Leader Sally Woods

Mark started running in 1996 after a ‘friend’ told him he needed to do some exercise and lose some weight! (Charming! Ed). These days, he’s a qualified run leader and is such a Stanley nut that he bought some seats when the old Cowshed came down and installed them on his patio at home.

We sure all our members will join the OASSC committee in thanking Ossy Joggers for their support and encouragement and in wishing them a great Christmas and New Year

Want to know more about Ossy Joggers?

Recently, they’ve  been winning awards…

  • England Athletics North West Run Together Group Of The Year 2018
  • Pride of Hyndburn Highly Commended 2018
  • Hyndburn Community Club of the year 2017
  • Lancashire Community Project of the year 2017

The group was set up to get people in the local community up and out running together in a safe, friendly environment. No matter where you are with running, whether you have never done it before, haven’t run for a while or run regularly, this group wants you. According to the web site ‘The people make this group what it is and they are fab! Friendly, supportive and just loads of fun!

Ossy Joggers has an array of groups for you to choose from, each run by qualified group leaders to suit all abilities:

  • Gentle Joggers
  • Joggers
  • Runners

To  find out more, all you have to do is click HERE








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