Following a vote at the last OASSC Committee meeting, we’ve signed up to join the Football Supporters’ Federation. Based in Sunderland, FSF is basically a lobbying group that looks out for the interests of the ordinary footy fan.

Peter Leatham explained the thinking behind OASSC joining the organisation. ‘The FSF has recently merged with Supporters Direct to form one unified body to work with supporters and governing bodies to drive positive change in our game’, he said.  They work with supporters groups, such as ours, on issues of concern to supporters such as good governance and sustainable stewardship of our clubs. They develop networks at local, regional and national levels and it seems appropriate that we participate in discussions. The federation’s membership spans all levels within the game and there will be many experiences, endured and developed by others, that may help us serve our members more effectively.

Interested? you can find out more by reading the FSF Annual Review for 2017-18, which you’ll find HERE. If you’re suitably impressed, y0u an sign up a an individual member – which is free of charge – HERE


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