Adam’s Magical Moment

At the end of the previous OASSC open meeting, when Peter announced that the next one would be held on 20 December, Adam Houlden happened to remark, ‘hey, that’s my birthday.’ A nod and a wink later, that particular snippet of information was safely stored away. Nothing more was said publicly but in the background, moves were afoot.

So, as soon as Coley and Jimmy had taken their seats ready to take questions, the Big Reveal happened. Adam was asked to come forward and he was presented with a seriously impressive birthday cake. The icing on the cake for Adam was the opportunity to pose for a photo with two of his heroes. As you can see, the look on his face was priceless but it was equally touching that C & J needed no prompting to pose for the camera and the expressions on their faces clearly show that they thoroughly enjoyed sharing in Adam’s magical moment.

Y’see, it’s easy to talk about Stanley fans being a ‘family’, and the club as being ‘part of the community’, but it’s occasions like this that show the world what that really means. In this case, it means that Adam will never, ever forget his 25th birthday. It was a fitting tribute to the man who reigns supreme as Stanley’s Fan of the Year.

Happy Birthday Adam!

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