Prize Guys!

There were lot of things on the agenda at the Christmas get-together of OASSC and one of the most keenly anticipated was the Annual Christmas Draw.  347 tickets had been sold and originally, three prizes were up for grabs: 1st, £500; 2nd, £300; 3rd £200. However, in the spirit of the festive season (and because we’d had a bumper year of fundraising), we decided to add a fourth, ‘bonus ball’ of £100.

And then, something rather wonderful happened. More often than not on occasions like these, the winners turn out to be people who’ve been good enough to support a cause by putting their hand in their pockets and buying a ticket; but this time around, two of the prizes went to people who work tirelessly to help out Stanley and its supporters.

The £500 jackpot went to Derek Regan. He’s had a busy year: he’s the man in charge of ‘small works’ around the Wham. It was Derek who organised the redecorating of the entrance to Redz bar, for instance (and a lot more besides that needed a lick of paint). On top of that, he was the logistical genius behind the deliveries of Amazing Accrington magazine (which proved to be a nice little earner for OASSC). However, on the personal front, he’s had an annus horribilis. Unable to work for much of the year, Derek was facing the prospect of a belt-tightening Christmas – but not any more.

Derek Regan: ‘I do think I might take the family out for a meal.’

‘I’ve won a tenner on the lottery before today but I’ve never ever won anything like this before’, he said. ‘It’s a wonderful surprise. I’d not been well during the day, so I decided against going to the meeting but I must say, at around half-eight I just had this feeling: ‘I wonder who’s won the draw?’ Soon after that I had a call from my daughter Claire to tell me that I’d won and that Peter (Warburton) had dropped the money off at hers. It was an amazing feeling, Then a while later, I got an e-mail from Peter telling me he’d given Claire the prize and told her to spend it! It’ll make a real difference to our Christmas and I’ve no plans yet but I do think I might take the family out for a meal.’

Ken Jefferson

And if that’s not enough to warm the cockles, here’s Chapter 2. The third prize of £200 went to Ken Jefferson, he who organises OASSC away travel (and much more besides). He laughed until he cried, by the way.

So, what a result! We sold £1735 of tickets, and gave away £1,100 in prizes, so that’s, um… A bit more for the kitty. Heartfelt thanks to all who sold tickets, or bought them.

For the record, the winning tickets were as follows:

First Prize Number 0514 winner D. Regan
Second Prize Number 0833 winner L. McKelvey
Third Prize Number 0002 winner K. Jefferson
Fourth Prize Number 0017 winner J. Lord

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