Coach Party! You’ve got to hand it to Andy…

Sky’s decision to put our game against Sunderland on TV at 7:45 on Friday, 15th February  came as a Valentine’s Day massacre to some Stanley fans. Eager to make the most of what might turn out to be a unique occasion, quite a few Reds decided to make it a week-end on Wearside it, booking train tickets and accommodation  – only for Sky to kibosh the job.

Step in our magnanimous leader. Mr A Holt, reacting to the righteous ire of them as had lost money (on non-returnable deposits and such like), made a kind and generous gesture.  As part of the telly deal, our club is due £10k and rather than pocket that tidy little windfall, Andy gave it to the fans. To be precise, he handed over stewardship of the money to OASSC. After consultations with The Ultras, the decision was made to use the dosh to provide free travel for all fans who wanted to attend the rearranged fixture.

With coaches costing in the region of £500 a pop, that’s a lot of bums we can put on seats for free and for nothing. Nice one, Andy!


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