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To celebrate the launch of the brilliant web site , www.theclubthatwouldntdie.co.uk, here’s a quiz designed to test even the most knowlegeable of Stanley fans. It’s just for fun, there are no prizes and you can find all the answers – and much, much more besides – at www.theclubthatwouldntdie.co.uk

Ready? Let’s go…

  1. When the club reformed, which league did we join?
  2. Name the manager: under his reign, Stanley finished 2nd (1976) and 3rd (1977) in the Lancashire Combination League, also winning the Combination Cup the same year.
  3. Before we took over the Crown Ground, it had been the sports ground for which company?
  4. Following the collapse of the original Accrington Stanley, a meeting was held in 1968 at which the club’s revival was initiated. Where was this meeting held?
  5. Season 2002/03 saw Stanley win the Northern Premier League Premier Division, amassing 100 points and achieving promotion to the Conference. Which player, with 34 league goals in 41 appearances, was our top scorer?
  6. Which former Burnley player, who won 54 caps for Wales between 1971 and 1983, managed Stanley from September 1997 to January 1998?
  7. Season 2005-06 saw us win the Nationwide Conference National and gain promotion to League 2 – but which club came second and went up with us?
  8. In winning League 2 in season 2017-18, with a total of 93 points, how many league goals did we score?
  9. John Coleman is in his second spell as Stanley manager. He left in January 2012 and returned in September 2014. Can you name the 3 managers who took  charge in his absence?
  10. Who is this? He played for the old Stanley; he was Jimmy Hinksman’s first signing for the reformed Stanley and he succeeded Don Bramley as manager, in January 1978…

So, how did you do?

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