From Norfolk down to Kenya!

As the number of OASSC Members continue to grow steadily toward the 500 mark, it is always interesting to hear of the support that The Reds have throughout the UK and across the globe.

Our Membership Secretary, Peter Warburton will be sending out this Season’s membership card and badge to his namesake Bob Warburton, who resides in Snettisham in Norfolk.  Bob is an ‘Accy lad’ that moved away 45 years ago but as he has recently taken to spreading the ‘Stanley-word’ to the East of Africa!

Having (in his words) ‘forced’ his Son into a Stanley shirt years ago – the out grown shirt had sat in a drawer for years.  When his Wife set off for Kenya earlier this year in her role as a volunteer nurse, Bob saw an opportunity and seized it!  The shirt now has a new owner – a student in a local school.

If you have not renewed your membership yet, it is only £5 for the coming season – details are on the Membership page.

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