Wham Stadium as an Asset of Community Value?

The supporters club has made an application to Hyndburn Borough Council to have the Wham Stadium included on the council’s register of ACV’s.

We believe the the stadium adds to the social well being and social interest of the community and will continue to do so for many years to come.

When a listed asset comes to be sold, a moratorium on the sale ( of upto 6 months) may be invoked, providing local community groups the opportunity to raise finance and bid to buy the asset on the open market.

We obviously hope this never has to be invoked but trust this will add another barrier to any prospective buyer with ulterior motives.

Any listed asset remains on the register for a minimum of 5 years,

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  1. peterjleatham says:

    We will check & advise. Many thanks.

  2. peterjleatham says:

    Hi Ken ,yes you are all paid up for this season, membership number 73. Did you not receive your membership card & annual badge?

  3. peterjleatham says:

    I’ll check with our membership secretary and advise Ken, you should have current seasons membership card and pin badge ?

  4. peterjleatham says:

    Hi, yes you paid by cheque in July, many thanks.

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