Spare a shirt for Gambia.

Stanley fan and OASST member, Paul Dearnaley, visits the African nation of Gambia on a regular basis and next travels at the end of March.

On his visits he regularly takes a few football items for the local children who, like children worldwide, love their football.

The big difference is that these people don’t have a lot and every something means so much, especially to the kids.

With this in mind we are appealing for any Stanley shirts, age or size doesn’t matter, that Paul will then take out and donate to the locals.

So if you or your son or daughter have outgrown their shirt and it’s stuck in a drawer then please either bring it to our Accrington Market Hall shop or to our table on the Fanzone on matchdays and we will ensure it gets into Paul’s suitcase for his forthcoming trip.

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  1. Joanne Poulton Gall says:

    Plz help if you can. It’s great to see them little kiddies with a big smile on their faces

    1. peterjleatham says:

      We hope to get Paul to send some photos when he is in Gambia.

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