MoU Meeting 12th February

The OASST held the first structured dialogue meeting, under the MoU, with the club with Peter Leatham & Peter Warburton sitting down with Stanley’s Managing Director, David Burgess.

A wide variety of topics were covered and the key outcomes & notes are as follows :

  •  The new main turnstile switch went without a hitch when it was introduced for the AFC Wimbledon match
  •  Online options to purchase individual match tickets is being trialled now and should be available soon.
  •  Matchday stewards will continue to monitor that the correct type of ticket is being purchased and used accordingly.
  • The format of the season ticket launch night will change, but it will still take place on the Thursday evening prior to the season start in August.
  • The OASST have agreed to sponsor the jerseys for the “Ride to the Light” cycle from Accrington to Sunderland in April. We will also man the support vehicle for the event. The funds will be used by the OASST on projects to benefit our fans.
  • 4 New OASST poster sites will be introduced on the ground in the next couple of weeks to promote events and meetings.
  • The continuing ground developments were discussed with revised plans currently being drawn up and no development planned until the end of the season.
  • A new “Sporting Memories” monthly coffee morning will be hosted by the OASST and held in the cafe at the new Stanley Hub. The first Monday date will be at the end of March.
  • The Memorial garden project is underway with Readstone now on site, fundraising continues until the end of this month with the plaques available early March.
  • The annual presentation dinner & golf day which the Trust organise were both discussed and detailed event plans are well underway as are sales for both.
  • The current season match programme was discussed with views that the cover design and content are both disappointing. The club agreed to look into it.
  • A suggestion of inviting fans to assist with the financing of the main stand area developments was raised and the club will discuss with Andy Holt.
  • We have received two offers of Chaplaincy services to support the new garden and these will be considered and developed by the Trust, with the opportunity to offer the service via the contact detail on the new garden.
  • The Trust suggested the option of running our own in house lottery which would probably appeal more to our own fans with smaller prizes but a greater % chance of winning. It could also provide added income over the current arrangement. It was agreed to discuss further with all relevant parties including the FD.
  • The PA sound levels were raised as being too loud by some supporters , however the club advised they are within the recognised acceptable levels. There is the option to adjust volumes slightly in all areas of the ground independently of the other zones/. The club will continue to monitor.
  • The Trust requested that the spare metal tables be installed under the new canopy on the Fanzone and club agreed to implement in time for the start of next season.
  • It was also requested the Trust match volunteers were supplied with independent match day passes which would negate the need to sign in with paid staff, which is a hinderance to all and time consuming. The club will look into sorting this out. All volunteers already hold Season tickets.

The date of the next meeting was agreed for Monday 16th March at 10.30am. Any points or plaudits you wish to be included should be advised to or raised with a board member on matchdays.

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