Club 1968 Membership Numbers

The allocated membership numbers for the new monthly draw are as listed below, they are alphabetical on Christian names. All members will be emailed confirmation and we will issue your membership card when possible.

Members will retain the same numbers for all the future monthly draws and any new members will be allocated the next available number.

Just a reminder that the  draw takes place monthly at the Wham Stadium. Dates will be announced on our social media and all draws will be featured live on the OASST Facebook page.

The monthly prizes are

1st Prize £1000

2nd Prize – £250

3rd Prize £100

4th Prize – £50

5th Prize £50

6th Prize – £50

Current draw numbers – August 2020

All the current entries are listed, you receive your number which remains with you draw by draw. New members will be allocated the next sequential number.

Membership cards are now available for collection in the Market Hall shop.

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  1. Chris. Brodest. says:

    Just trying to ‘join I’m my son for the new draw but having difficulty connecting. Could you contact me/ send details to do this? Thanks.

    1. peterjleatham says:

      Chris , it closes for tomorrow at 7pm, can you message Josh on 07718 591496, he will get you sorted.

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