Plans underway for the return of fans to the Wham Stadium

Accrington Stanley Football Club Safety Advisory Group Meeting

Tuesday 18th August 2020 @ 10:00am

Accrington Stanley Football Club kindly invited the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust to participate in the above meeting thereby strengthening the already excellent working relationship between the two.


Participating in the meeting gives the supporters trust the opportunity to provide input and receive guidance on all safety matters both within and out of the ground affecting all supporters.


The meeting was called to discuss two main areas: –


  1. Proposals for the Return to Domestic Competitions- No Spectators (RTDC) aka Behind Closed Doors games.
  2. Proposals for the return of spectators at games.


With regard to the Behind Closed Doors games the football club has produced a comprehensive operational plan covering all aspects of hosting a football match covering


  1. Stadium Operations such as Pre-Event Checks, Cleaning, Signage, High Medium and Low zones, Stadium Entry and Exit, Social Distancing and PPE.
  2. Football Operations including Dressing Rooms, Tunnel Area, Technical Area, Warm Up Areas, Substitution Boards and Ball Retrieval.
  3. Security Operations including Stewards Arrival and PPE, Stewards Briefing, Fire Marshalls and Communication
  4. Media Communication Arrival entrance and exit, Seating Plans and Maximum attendance allowance
  5. Medical protocols, Stretcher bearers, PPE protocols for entering field of play.


The comprehensive plan provided by the football club requires minor changes due to the club obtaining additional dressing room facilities and that owing to not knowing a fixture list the number of stewards per game is uncertain.


Other than these two areas the operational plan received unanimous approval from all present and subject to no amendments to the Government and EFL requirements a final document will be issued on Friday 21st August.


The club was advised that a new safety certificate will be issued covering the fact that no spectators will be present, this certificate to be altered once spectators are allowed.


The football club is still working on the timetable of behind closed doors matches from September 12th and the return of spectators from October 1st, this of course is subject to change should official guidance change.


Proposals for the return of spectators to games


A full proposal from the club cannot be made available until full and final guidance has been obtained but discussions centred on the social distance requirements of spectators in particular the numbers allowed into the ground for any one match.


It was indicated that there will be circa 1500 fans allowed into each game . It is expected that season ticket holders will have first option to entry with loyalty card holders and ‘on the day’ purchasers filling the remaining available capacity.


Season ticket sales will be announced as soon as the club is fully aware of fixtures and the number of behind closed-door games, we are subject to.


It must be noted and accepted by supporters that in order to adhere to social distancing rules during the reduced capacity games it is unlikely that their season ticket allocated seat will be available – it is anticipated that there will be a gap of 2 seats horizontally and 1 seat diagonally separation between each spectator, although members of the same family and bubble will be allowed to sit together up to a maximum of 6.


Seats will be allocated in both the main and studio stands.


Standing supporters will be asked to maintain social distancing rules at all times, it may be necessary for standing supporters to use both the Clayton and Coppice ends to achieve this.


Although there will be a much-reduced capacity the club will endeavour to Manage each match as normal as possible with retail outlets being open with social distance queuing, programmes and 50/50 draw tickets being on sale and OASST and Junior Redz membership tables being utilised.


As stated earlier a complete proposal for the return of spectators is not known at this point but a commitment was made to try and produce a plan no later than 3 days after our first behind closed doors game.



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