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The Stanley Ultras offer you a viable alternative to the humble replica shirt on match days. A way for the discerning supporter to attend the game, show their colours yet not look like they’ve been kicked through the club shop. 


There were only 4 channels I know but It’s classic TV (if you’re old enough). ‘We’re the Sweeney, son, and we haven’t had our dinner’. It’s black on white on the picture, but its available in red/white. Arguably John & Jimmy are harder, and would eat more dinner… 


Football is our religion, the Crown is our church, Coleman OUR God. As with all religious nut jobs, what better way then to preach to the unconverted than a huge back print. All welcome in the congregation


Ah the halcyon days of the Conference. Beating Big Cities in Big Games with a town team full of Scouse lads. And a Benin lad living in Rob Heys’ shed (allegedly). Commemorate that season with a Ramones inspired addition to your “going match, ma” wardrobe. Hey Ho Boco!


Our nod to the classic cult Danny Boyle film with a Stanley twist. When I say “nod” I mean a blatant copy of the poster, just with different lyrics. Choose Stanley. With a bit of swearing sorry (check with ya parents, kids).


Rightly proud of the colour we’ve added to the Clayton End & away grounds this navy Tee celebrates our work. From the Believe choreography to the large Time for Action banner. There’s even a bit of Barbados 95 in there.

Thank you to everyone who showed interest by pre-ordering, we’re pleased to say you can now buy these exclusive Tees, only from OASST, using the order form here (even if you did pre-order, you still need to complete this form). The size chart is shown above, select the size you need for each of the designs you want.

Check the ‘Add Postage’ box if you live outside the BB postcode area to add £1.50 per shirt. This is UK only for now, sorry, but if you have a special overseas request, please contact ultras@onstanleyon.com

Don’t forget to pay (!) and your EXCLUSIVE Accy Ultras shirts will be with you as soon as we can.


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