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WANTED – 10 minutes of your time…

Your cooperation in a Cambridge University survey has been requested by an academic researcher. Andy Holt’s already on board, as is our Trust chairman, Peter Leatham. If you’re interested, read on and have a look at the link in the article below.

Cambridge University

This summer, Accrington Stanley are the subject of an exciting academic project at the University of Cambridge. 

The project is seeking to understand the relationship between Stanley and the Industrial history of the town of Accrington itself. The project is ultimately attempting to not only establish football as a phenomenon to be considered within the realm of “culture”, but ultimately seeks to protect football clubs from financial peril through heritage legislation – much in the same way listed buildings or arts institutions currently are. 

The research is being driven by Josh Bland, a die-hard West Bromwich Albion supporter, published football writer and prospective Heritage Studies PhD researcher in the department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. 

As part of the project, we would like to make the call to all Stanley Supporters to participate in this brief 10-minute survey, linked below: 


This survey forms the basis of the project’s data set and will be the basis upon which the research is built. All responses would be most welcome!

Your contribution will consist of brief responses regarding your connection to Accrington Stanley FC. If you have further thoughts and feelings that you’d like to share that are not covered in the questionnaire, please reach out to Josh (jcwb2@cam.ac.uk) to arrange a more detailed, 30-40 minute sit down interview over the next couple of weeks. 

No specific academic expertise is required, rather the survey is seeking to capture your emotional experience and sense of identity as a supporter of the club.  

This survey is completely voluntary, and you have the right to refuse participation, refuse any question, or withdraw at any time without any consequences. This information is collected anonymously, with optional questions regarding age range, gender, etc. All information provided will be stored on a password protected hard drive, and any non-anonymised personal information collected during interviews will be stored independently from collected data.

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