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Trust AGM – Advance Notice

* The Trust AGM will be on Thursday 16th December 2021.

* Further details about board vacancies and the election process will be published in due course.

The Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust AGM this year will be held on Thursday 16th December 2021 at 19:00 at a venue to be confirmed at a later date due to the ongoing building work at the Wham Stadium.

As part of the Trust’s rules of incorporation, under the Financial Conduct Authority, we need to adopt a revised procedure for the election of our Trust Board Members.

We currently have a board of 12 Directors, which is our maximum of which 2 must retire at the AGM (to be chosen by lot).  Retiring board member will be eligible for re-election or co-option alongside any other interested members.

In the short term we are inviting members over the age of 16 to indicate if they would wish to be considered as a candidate for election to the Trust board. We have a monthly meeting which you would be required to attend as well as a number of other activities which need fulfilling, these include:






Matchday activities 

If you would be interested, please advise by Thursday 14th October by email to membership@onstanleyon.com, we will then circulate nomination forms and invite candidates to outline their personal statement, which will be distributed to members before the voting takes place.

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