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“Life Without Football Is No Life”

A new football book has just been published which will provide Stanley fans with something of interest as the author devotes a whole chapter to our club.

Author Tony Robinson

TONY ROBINSON began keeping a record of every game of football he went to see at the start of the 1965/66 season. At that time, he was 14 years old. Since then, he has recorded every game he has attended. Marking the score, attendance and competition.

By the time that Covid 19 put a halt to all football matches in the spring of 2020, Tony had watched a total of 4,033 games. Averaging over 70 games per season over the past 56 years. Africa remains the only inhabited continent where ‘Robbo’, as he is known to many, has not watched a game of football.

Crowd figures are nearly always the official figure but, on some occasions, he has either had to estimate the crowd or make his way around the ground counting those in attendance. This proved easier to do with the 35 at Bacup Borough in 2014, rather than the 137,439 at Hampden Park in 1970.

This book is a recollection of Tony Robinson’s travels around the world following “the beautiful game”

After all, la vida sin futbol no es vida… …life without football is no life.

To order your copy, please complete the form below. The price is £10, delivered free locally, or plus £3 by post (UK Only).

If you have any queries, please contact Jason Graham at ultras@onstanleyon.com

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