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Memorandum of Understanding Meeting 10th February 2023

Peter Leatham, David Burgess, Peter Warburton

Present: David Burgess (ASFC Managing Director), Peter Leatham & Peter Warburton (OASST Chair & Secretary)

Discussions for a new format for the Player of the Year awards continued with thoughts to have a club PotY, Supporters PotY and a players PoTY.

It was thought that a 6pm on Sunday 30th April 2023 was the best date Possibly to get players and staff to host a table each ideally with their player sponsors.It would be a joint event with funds raised to the ST and the football club taking the lead on the organisation.Award voting methods to be discussed further with email to ST holders as a possible preferred option.

The Trust have completed all the required DBS checks as requested by the club.

The Fan Boards are still to be installed by the football club, DB to arrange and Trust can assist with hands if required.

Annual Golf Day – Date is now confirmed for Tuesday 4th July at Accrington Golf Club with the same shotgun format as previous. Invitations have now been issued with the club to assist with entries, if required, via the commercial team and Commercial team to assist on the day, as previous.

Agreed that HGT is providing a good initiative with excellent work for both the dedicated match and overall visibility on matchday.

The open evening for the new balcony lounge and changing rooms was well attended with over 200 visiting.

DB also advised of plans to have a 1 year anniversary event in Coleys, probably in late March, with live music and street food available.Details to be circulated in due course.

PW asked about the option of either the club or the trust producing bespoke framed images, players and fan image. DB to check re copyright etc and will advise.

Further to the recent meetings with ADI, DB and Andy Holt are to meet with ADI MD to discuss options regarding both pitch side permanent advertising LED boards as well as the screen. The option to use the stadium as a local ‘show area’ for ADI will also be discussed.

2023/4 Season tickets were discussed with the club considering a small % increase. This is still very much in discussion and no final decisions have yet been taken. The club are also considering ticket offers for bulk purchase for the remaining home fixtures for this season, again this is still under consideration.

DB also explained that any ticketing for the PapaJohns final would be handled by Ticketmaster as our ticketing systems are not comparable with those used by Wembley Stadium. Measures would be put in place to assist those who are not comfortable purchasing on line to ensure they are not disadvantaged.

PW advised the outcomes from a recent meeting with the Market Hall which advised that all traders will be re-located for a 15 month period from December 2023, to allow for works to take place within the market. It was agreed that it was desirable to maintain the club presence in the town centre and we would review further once more details were available.

DB explained the concerns of the police regarding fan behaviour on the Clayton End, with evidence of drugs and also in light of the recent club fine for homophobic chants aimed at opposing players.The club have to implement a series of measures agreed with the EFL any further transgressions will result in a £30,000 fine. Both the club and the ST are keen to avoid any repetition and all efforts will be made to ensure this behaviour is eradicated with media releases to follow.

PL outlined the push for new Club1968 members using a new streamlined sign up process and we also discussed the opportunity and risks of migrating the existing Gold Bond players across to the in house scheme. This will be reviewed and then discussed further.

Meeting closed at 2pm.

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