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Sponsor a Sierra Leone Player

We need your help Stanley fans!

As you know we (The Supporters Trust) have been trying to assist our friends at Accrington Stanley Sierra Leone by providing some financial support at well as shipping Stanley kits out to Freetown. These kits were very kindly supplied by our football club.

Members of the team

Unfortunately due to the state of the pitches, and we use that term extremely advisedly, as they are no more than waste ground, the boots the club supplied are quickly disintegrating.

The club itself is doing well and recently reached a local prestigious Cup Final only to lose on a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw.

They also now have some junior players wearing the Stanley colours and playing in mini 3 a side tournaments.

The club is being run and managed by player Bakaar Ransome Kamara Senior who also posts match action and results on the Accrington Stanley Sierra Leone Facebook page.

A video from Bakarr Ransome Kamara Senior, manager/player of our team in Sierra Leone

As our EFL season draws to a close with Stanley virtually assured of yet another season in the dizzy heights of League One we are asking for your help.

For only £30 a season you can “sponsor” a player out in Freetown and this money will allow the team to purchase new boots locally and also help the entry fees into the local completions in the capital city of Sierra Leone.

The team are proud to be flying the Stanley flag in their community and we are proud that they are wearing our colours in a country over 4400 miles away.

We are also hoping our club will agree to supply some more kits at the end of the season which we will then pay (over £950) to ship out to Freetown.

So please help us to help them, if you can, as your support will be very much appreciated by those who are less fortunate than ourselves but share the passion for football and our Accrington Stanley.

On Stanley On.

Fill in your name below and complete the payment section to sponsor a player at £30 for a season. We will add your name to the Sponsors List (below).

The Team and the Sponsors

Abu Bakarr Kamara

Sponsored by Peter J Leatham

Sheika Turay

Sponsored by Danny Gaskin

Ainnah Sesay

Sponsored by Fiona Conneely

Ishmael Tarawallie

Sponsored by Joyce Taylor-Whalley

Ibrahim Bangura

Sponsored by Jim Curtis

Alimamy Sana

Sponsored by Keith Laird

Idrissa Turay

Sponsored by Ian Tattersall

Mohamed Bah

Available to sponsor

Albert Suma

Sponsored by Jo Cawley

Kwaeku E Appiah

Sponsored by Joshua Adcroft

Foday Kamara

Available to sponsor

Ishmael Sankoh

Sponsored by Wakefield Daz

Unisa Dumbuya

Available to sponsor

Mohamed L Sesay

Sponsored by Gillian Bird

Aruna Porto Bangura

Sponsored by Mike Procter

Ansu Ajami Koroma

Available to sponsor

Osman Kargbo

Available to sponsor

James Bangura

Sponsored by Accrington Stanley Memories Facebook Group

Ahmed Samura

Sponsored by Lee Short

Abu B Bangura

Available to sponsor


Available to sponsor

Musa Koroma

Sponsored by Stan Sulkowski

David Dumbuya

Available to sponsor

Sheku Sesay

Sponsored by Mark Webster

Alieu Mansaray

Available to sponsor

Chernor Barrie

Available to sponsor