Supporters Trust

The OASSC has entered into the process, supported by the Football Supporters Asscociation (FSA) to convert the supporters club into a supporters “Trust”, with the legal registration being Accrington Stanley Supporters Society Limited.

Following the recent events down the road at our Lancashire neighbours Bury FC.  Andy Holt is understandably keen to ensure that at anytime in the future, that our Football Club should be protected from any takeover where the potential owner’s vision is not aligned with that of the ASFC Supporter fanbase.

Therefore, as a mechanism to protect the future of the Football Club, Andy Holt has suggested that legal measures be put into place to state that any future owner would require the approval from the Supporters Club before being able to successful complete a takeover.  The OASSC committee are in full agreement with this suggestion, though there are certain steps that need to be taken before the Supporters Club are legally able to fill this role.  In order to achieve this advice has been taken from the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

Currently the OASSC holds the status on an Unincorporated Association in that it “consists of two or more members bound by the rules of a society which has, at some time been founded”.

In order to meet the aspirations of the Football Club, the Supporters Club need to be recognised as a Community Benefit Society (CBS registered under the Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014) which has both legal responsibility and standing. Commonly referred to as a Supporter’s Trust which is described as “a formal, democratic and not for profit organisation who attempt to strengthen the influence over the running of the club they support”.

To make a formal application to convert to the new status, we have drawn up a set of governance rules which (following the mandate from the supporters at the 23rd October meeting) have now been submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority.


We already ‘tick’ many of the required boxes, in that we have an elected committee and audited accounts etc.  Following conversion, each current member will effectively hold a single share (nominal value of 0.001p) represented by their membership card.

The new legal title for OASSC will be Accrington Stanley Supporters Society Limited though there are no immediate plans to change the Website nor Social Media ‘handles’ as we do not propose to be known as anything other than OASSC in the short to medium term, to avoid confusion.

As Accrington Stanley Supporters Society Limited, we will be “being the democratic and representative voice of the club’s supporters and strengthening the bond between ASFC and the communities it serves” whilst “achieving the greatest possible supporter and community influence in the running and ownership of the ASFC”


The draft rules for the new Society which have now been submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority are as below :

Accrington Stanley – Supporters Community Mutual (2016) Draft rules

Further updates will be posted as our application is progressed.