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Stanley Ultras

The Clayton End before there was a roof.

Accy Stanley Ultras was formed in 2004 when a group of fans decided the vocal group at games wanted to add some colour & become a little more organised. We’d seen an emergence of Euro style support with banners, drums & flags & wanted to add some to what was already a boisterous loud support for the level we played at.

Our first real display happened in the October v Hereford at home in 2004. 

Since that game we have added much to the matchday experience at the Crown Ground & continue to provide the chanting, drumming & singing to this day. We’ve had huge crowd surfers, streamers, full stand flag displays, message banners. If it adds to the occasion & we think it can inspire the players we’ve done it. 

As one of the first to bring in large Tifo flags, we are quite proud that a small club in East Lancashire was one of the pioneers. As we have moved up the leagues, we have kept this style despite the increased ground regulation and stewarding. 

Youll find us right by the drum in the heart of the Clayton End…

Forza SU

The Ultras in full flight

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