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Please see forthcoming dates, all at the Sports Hub with 7.30 start unless otherwise stated

F = Full board for all attendees

E = Exec Board

Thursday 14 September 2023: 19:30 – 21:00 – Meeting Room F

Thursday 19 October 2023: 19:30 – 21:00 – Meeting Room E

Thursday 16 November 2023: 19:30 – 21:00 – Meeting Room E

Thursday 14 December 2023 – Coleys – F

During the COVID pandemic, no physical meetings were held; the minutes of the recent virtual (Zoom) Board meetings can be viewed below:

17th December 2020 Click here to view the AGM minutes.

Next Board meeting date Thursday 26th November 2020 – held via Zoom

Memorandum of Understanding Meeting – March

The meeting notes for the 2nd MoU meeting, 16th March, with the club are as follows :
Present : David Burgess MD Accrington Stanley, Peter Leatham Chairman OASST & Peter Warburton , Membership Secretary OASSTA wide variety of topics were covered and the key outcomes & notes are as follows :
• Online options to purchase individual match tickets is now available for the Clayton End & Blocks A & B of the Studio stand. Fans need to register just once and then they can buy and print at home. There is an option to buy online and collect.
• As an option to help on matchday the OASST will look at offering a ticket print service via the Market shop on Tuesday and Friday.
• The format of the season ticket launch night will change, but it will still take place on the Thursday evening prior to the season start in August.
• The continuing ground developments were discussed with modified plans currently being drawn up and no development planned until the end of the season.
• The 1st Sporting Memories coffee morning planned for 30th March will be cancelled due to the COVID 19 outbreak. It will be rescheduled with Neil Swarbrick.
• The annual presentation dinner & golf day which the Trust organise were both discussed and plans may be changed due to the COVID 19 virus.
• C/F The current season match programme was discussed with views that the cover design and content are both disappointing. The club agreed to look into it.
• We have agreed a chaplaincy service with Debra Phillips which will be offered to supporters via signage in the memorial garden.
• C/F The Trust suggested the option of running our own in house lottery which would probably appeal more to our own fans with smaller prizes but a greater % chance of winning. It could also provide added income over the current arrangement. It was agreed to discuss further with all relevant parties including the FD.
• C/F The Trust requested that the spare metal tables be installed under the new canopy on the Fanzone and club agreed to implement in time for the start of next season.
• It was also requested the Trust match volunteers were supplied with independent match day passes which would negate the need to sign in with paid staff, which is a hinderance to all and time consuming. The club will arrange for next season. All volunteers already hold Season tickets.
• It was agreed that the Trust will manage and host foodbank collections which will be for Maundy Relief and will be held quarterly from the start of next season. The club will help publicise, with specific matches being identified as collection games, ideally those with a larger away following. The trust will appoint a board member to be responsible for the events.
• It was suggested by the Trust that a board member sits on the club SAG group, this is in common with a number of other clubs where it works well. The club will look into it and advise.
• The new fans boards situation across the rear of the Jack Barrett stand will be located onto the rear fencing of the Fanzone, facing the car park, once the stand development commences/
• The work produced by the children from the recent school visit will be developed by the Trust and then mounted on the ground with a view to encouraging more ground tours.
• The trust will investigate the option of replacing the current screen cover on the Fanzone with an anti-glare version.
• The club asked if the club could find some volunteers to help deep clean the players areas of the ground, changing rooms, gym etc. It was confirmed this would not be a problem.
• The Trust will also develop a rota to litter pick for approximately 1 hour after games to help the Stadium manager.
• To further develop links between the club, the supporters trust and the community trust it has been suggested that the Supporters trust attend the Community trust meetings. This was agreed as being desirable and the club will now progress.
Date of next meeting tbc.