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Across The Pitch

If its been a while since you have been to our website https://acrossthepitch.com, or you have not been before, we have recently made some updates that will make listening to our episodes even easier, including a player on the home page that allows you to listen to any of our 5 most recent episodes right on the home page.

You can also listen to all 271 numbered episodes (328 total releases including multi-part and bonus episodes) directly from our podcast library on the website as well.

Across the Pitch is both the Official International Podcast of Accrington Stanley, and also the longest running Accrington Stanley centric podcast currently on the web. It is our commitment to spreading to word of the club and growing supporters groups around all corners of the globe, and to chronicle the team’s history, both past and present.

Since 2018, with the help of folks like Peter Leatham, Chairman of Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust among others, we have interviewed dozens of current and recent Stanley players, as well as the coaching staff John Coleman, Jimmy Bell, and John Doolan, chairman Andy Holt, and managing director Dave Burgess on multiple occasions. Through Darren Woodhead’s veterans series we have built the puzzle that is Accrinton Stanley history one piece at a time through interviews with players and important figures in from the club’s history, including some of Stanley’s most legendary players and Hall of Famers.

It is with great pride that we continue this journey for as long as the future will allow. From myself, Phil Kennedy, as well as Tony Robinson and Darren Woodhead, I would like to thank everyone who has, and continues to make this incredible show possible. #OnStanleyOn