Home of the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters' Trust


We have a growing number of local supporters groups who follow our great football club, based both near in the UK and also worldwide.

Please contact your local group if you want to hear more about their activities and how to participate.

Central Scotland Accrington Stanley Supporters Club

Contact Keith Laird – 07866 188699

Email : lairdelaird@aol.com

Based in Carluke, South Lanarkshire

Travel to most home games by car and happy to share transport if possible.

Keith and Max


Based in Phoenix, Arizona, and run by Phil Kennedy, Mike Paolella, Arran Airs, Matt Robards & Edward Cunningham the group cover the United States and Canada and welcome like minded Stanley fans.

Details can be found on the Facebook under the page of the same name and the guys host a weekly podcast featuring English football and quite often our beloved ASFC. This can be found on www.acrossthepitch.com




Accrington France

A small group of French friends, all Accrington fans, travelling to UK to support the Mighty Accy.
Contact and inquiries at @AccStanleyFR on Twitter or by email: donass@hotmail.fr / o.gontier@gmail.com

From right to left in the photograph above are Olivier Gontier, Romain Roy, Paul Lagrandmaison, Cécile Reigneaud and Donatien Davy-Chantioux. Not in the picture, because he had to leave before it was taken, but a full member of Accy FR, is Valentin Guihal (who has also bought a shirt!😀)

Accrington Netherlands

Accrington Stanley fans from the Netherlands. Their relationship with Stanley began when Remco Van Twiller took charge of Accrington on the video game Football Manager; they have been attending matches since 2006.

The group play futsal together for RKSV TOB 28!

The team, wearing shirts we provided for them.

rksv TOB stands for: roman catholic sports association Trouw Ons Beginsel (in English:Faithful to our Loyalty), established in 1947, based in Amsterdam.

TOB has 16 football teams (the first team plays on the 9th tier of Dutch football) and 34 (!) futsal teams and has the second largest futsal department of the Netherlands

Contact Eric Reumer email: c.hermus@chello.nl or Remco Van Twiller email: rvantwiller69@gmail.com

From l to r: Mart Ennenga, Danny van de Kolk, [John Coleman], Ruïz van Twiller, Remco van Twiller, Paul Reumer, [Peter Leatham], Eric Reumer, Sander Luijten. Photo by Kipax. Their twitter handle is @AccyStanleyNL