On Stanley On!

Trust Board

Our 2019-20 Trust Board is as shown below, all members will stand down at the December 2020 AGM and will be eligible for re-election.

Peter J Leatham
07802 303886
Chair of IT & Social Media SC.
Member of Finance & Retail SC’s

Vice Chairman
Ken Jefferson
07490 825242
Chair of Fundraising & Junior Redz SC’s.
Member of Travel & Small works SC’s

Membership & Rules Secretary
Peter Warburton
07968 121180
Chair of Membership &
Policies/Procedures SC’s, Member of Finance,
Retail and Small Works SC’s

Joshua Adcroft 
Chair of Finance SC,
member of SU & Polices SC’s

Minutes Secretary
Megan Parker 
Member of Fundraising & Membership SC’s

Away Travel Organiser
Adam Scarborough
07884 975420 | 01772 930892
Chair of Travel SC.
Member of Policies SC

Board member
Jason Graham
Chair of SU SC.
Member of IT/Media SC

Co-Opted Board member
Joanne Butterworth
07984 194872
Member of Fundraising,
Travel & Junior Redz SC’s

Board Member
Mike Procter
07917 863900
Member of IT & Social Media SC

Board Member
Andrew Buckel
07877 023048
Chair of Smallworks & Distribution SC

Board Member
Jill Macintosh
07588 472906
Chair of Retail SC. Member of Junior Redz SC

Honorary International Ambassador
Phil Kennedy
Twitter – @accyrising
Facebook – Phil Kennedy

Sub Committees

Finance  – Chair Joshua Adcroft, members Peter Warburton & Peter Leatham
Fundraising – Chair Ken Jefferson, members Joanne Butterworth & Megan Parker
Retail – Chair Jill Macintosh, members Peter Warburton & Peter Leatham
Travel – Chair Adam Scarborough, members Ken Jefferson & Joanne Butterworth
Membership – Chair Peter Warburton, members Megan Parker 
Stanley Ultras – Chair Jason Graham, members Joshua Adcroft & Megan Parker
IT & Social Media – Chair Peter Leatham, members Jason Graham & Mike Procter
Polices & Procedures – Chair Peter Warburton, members Joshua Adcroft & Adam Scarborough
Small works & distribution – Chair Andy Buckel, members Ken Jefferson & Peter Warburton
Junior Redz – Chair Ken Jefferson, members Joanne Butterworth & Jill Macintosh

Honorary Lifetime Members
Ken Jefferson
Andy Holt
David “Bumble” Lloyd
Murray Dawson

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