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MoU Meeting Notes

Peter Leatham, David Burgess, Peter Warburton

Friday 12th August 2022

At Accrington Stanley Football Club

Present: Accrington Stanley – David Burgess (DB), Managing Director; OASST – Peter Leatham (PL), Chairman, Peter Warburton (PW), Secretary

New Staging – Further to recent discussions OASST has agreed to provide funding towards the purchase of staging units to be used in both Coley’s and 1968 Lounge for a variety of events.

The level of funding is to be decided once responses have been received from other parties, the total cost is £9400 plus VAT and will negate the need to hire in staging for events. 

DB to advise.

Grab a Flag incentive – PL advised this should be ready to launch later this month once the flags have been delivered. The display materials were agreed and they will be located in two areas of the Fanzone. Flag sticks to be approved by ASFC and fire retardant certificate logged before use. PR to be jointly delivered once the launch match date is known. Action PL/DB

Main Stand refreshments – OASST had received one or two comments about the lack of provision for hot drinks other than at the Clayton End and does the carrying of drinks present a H &S issue.

DB advised that there are no current plans to provide any other outlets other than those already in place, care should be taken in all parts of the stadium when handling hot drinks etc.

Hydrotherapy Pool – This has been purchased by OASST for installation into the new changing rooms. It has been delivered but not yet installed and PR will be organised once the project is complete . Action DB/PL

Fans Champions Boards – These were provided as a temporary measure in the construction of the new lounges and will be re-located across the centre car park along the back fence once the works are complete. Action DB

OASST Merchandise – PW asked if non-conflicting items could be stocked in the club shop. DB advised that a full range review was currently underway and he would ask the question and advise. Action DB

Market Shop marketing collateral – PW asked if the shop could be included as standard in marketing and sales promotions, with team and fixture posters / cards and any seasonal sales offers or reductions. Action DB to organise.

Trust Board – PL advised that the OASST had invited the club SLO and CT board member, Robert Houseman, to join the Trust board which has been accepted. This should make all parties more efficient and increase the level of cooperation between the three bodies.

First Aiders fund request – Has been made and PL advised they were invited to discuss with DB. Confusion regarding access to Coley’s has been clarified and will be communicated to all parties. Action DB.

Team Sheets – These have been given free over the past 12 months and well received by both home and away fans, however there is a cost involved in producing them and the club want to charge a nominal 20p. DB to look into and advise.

Coley’s Photo wall – PL outlined the trust preference for the small area of wall and proposed a sepia wallpaper depicting the club’s history and heritage, many of the images appear on the timeline graphic on the Fanzone. DB to discuss with AH and advise.

Food in Coley’s on matchday – DB explained the difficulty in providing food whilst the kitchens are serving hospitality and hence no food is currently available. The club are exploring the options of providing simple options but probably well after the final whistle.

Cup ticket prices – DB explained the thoughts behind the £20 Carabao Cup prices and with 45% of the net taking going to the away club it was agreed that a reduced price would not have significantly increased the gate to cover the possible revenue loss. The prices for the forthcoming Papa Johns Trophy fixtures will continue to be reduced due to the quality of opposition especially the U23 teams.

1968 Hospitality – After a strong end to last season and despite a significant improvement in the food quality there is still good availability for the forthcoming games, with a few large game exceptions. PL to advise OASST members via media of 10% discount offers for Season ticket holders.

Events Manager – A second events manager will commence in September to compliment the great work already ongoing in the facility.

Events – Forthcoming planned events include a Wedding Fayre (2nd October), Firework Display (6th November) as well as the Take That and Abba tribute acts. There are options in place for Xmas party nights and also a New Years Eve event. Full details to be circulated via media channels.

New Main stand turnstile – Will ease the congestion at the Clayton End with both main stand ticket holders and disabled access via the new entry which should open in September. There are also male and female toilets provided for Main Stand supporters.

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