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Happy New Year…from Shanghai!

To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Ox, Robson IU wrote to us from China:

I am really happy that I have the chance to connect with you and the club here, especially on this special Chinese New Year Day. 

My name is Robson IU, a Hong Kong born Chinese now working in Shanghai with profession in sales management and business development. Maybe what’s more interesting is the background that I am a genuine football fan with lots of passion for English football, not limited to those big clubs, but also for clubs with long tradition from lower leagues. I have been visited to England a few times for matches (visited 17 stadiums so far) over the past few years and on 2 special occasions at Accrington. The first time was in November 2015, but unfortunately the match was called-off due to waterlogged pitch when I arrived, therefore I just bought a program and a jersey with Procter’s name printed from the club shop and had a glimpse of the stadium through the gate. The second visit on my birthday, 2nd April, in 2018 was a far happier experience, with a win over Notts County with a full-packed stadium almost guaranteed our promotion to League One by the end of that season. 

Accrington Stanley is now my second team (I am a MU fan since age of eight) and I want to be involved in the club as a fan and volunteer, in order to share my love and passion to the team with a lot more football lover in Asia, particular in China, where I am working and living in. It can be in the format of creating something official with social media and fan blog, or to contribute in projects that your supporters trust are running or planning. The ultimate goal for me personally is to feel a sense of involvement and belongings, and to make a small contribution to this great club. Would these ideas be welcomed? 

Thanks in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hear from and even more looking forward to meet you in person the next time I am at Accrington. 

It’s brilliant to hear from Robson, and great to know that there are Stanley fans in even more places than we realised! We have replied to him and we are looking to find the best ways he can become involved and get that all-important feeling of belonging. Well, believe me, Robson, you already belong to the Stanley family and we’re delighted to have you with us!

UPDATE: Robson is now the newest OASST Life Member.

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