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Maundy Relief Foodbank: Appeal for Donations

The Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust (OASST) and the Accrington Stanley Community Trust (ASCT) have launched a joint appeal for donations of non-perishable food for local charity Maundy Relief. 

Stanley Assistant Manager, Jimmy Bell (left) and Chair of Supporters’ Trust, Peter Leatham (centre) appeal for donations to the Food Bank

Maundy Relief’s foodbank service provides a lifeline for many people in the Accrington area. Their need for this service has never been greater. There are people who have been affected by COVID, losing income or having to self-isolate. 

That’s why this appeal is so vital. Members of the public who would like to help are asked to donate non-perishable food items likes like tins of food, and dried items, to the collection points at the Market Shop at Accrington Town Hall, or the Sports Hub on Thornyholme Road. 

Jimmy Bell (left) Assistant Manager of Accrington Stanley Football Club helps Peter Leatham (right), Chair of OASST and Ken Jefferson (centre) with the foodbank appeal at the Accrington Stanley Shop, Accrington Market Hall.

Peter Leatham, Chair of OASST said:

“The Accrington Stanley Family, business leaders and members of the public have shown incredible support for the foodbanks over the past 12 months. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity.”

 Lucy Hardwick, Manager of Maundy Relief said: 

“Our foodbank is experiencing a lot of interest at the moment. We’re going through very difficult times, and the pandemic has highlighted the need there is for this service.” 

“We are asking members of the public and businesses to come forward and make a donation. It doesn’t matter how little, because everything helps. Perhaps you’ve got a few tins at the back of your cupboard, or a bag of dried peas. Those things might not mean much to you, but to a family in need of food, it could make a big difference.” 

Anyone wanting to make a donation is asked to bring non-perishable food items to the Accrington Stanley Shop in Accrington Market Hall, the (ASCT) Sports Hub on Thornyholme Road, or directly to Maundy Relief at 29-31 Abbey Street, Accrington.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust collection point (pictured: Lee Walsh)

For more information call Maundy Relief on 01254 232328 or email Info@maundyrelief.org.uk

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