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Allez les Rouge!

Accrington is just a small mill town, nestling in the Pennines, and home support is never as big as we’d all like it to be, but we have dedicated fans outside Lancashire as well, and, this Christmas and New Year, we were delighted to welcome back the French branch of our Stanley family who feature on Twitter under the collective name of “Accrington France”.

From right to left in the photograph above are Olivier Gontier, Romain Roy, Paul Lagrandmaison, Cécile Reigneaud and Donatien Davy-Chantioux. Not in the picture, because he had to leave before it was taken, but a full member of Accy FR, is Valentin Guihal (who has also bought a shirt! 😀).

The guys arrived on Boxing Day and went home on Jan 2, having been to the Stanley v Barnsley Boxing Day match and to the Morecambe and Derby away matches, as well as games at Burnley and Swansea.

Their home is near Bordeaux in Western France; their Twitter handle is @accstanleyFR so give them a follow. They’re planning a return visit later in the season.

Readers will be relieved to know that we managed to avoid any conversations about the W***d C*p!

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